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Lifecycle Safety Management
Safety and reliability are the two most important features of AEGIS explosion-proof products, it runs through the whole lifecycle.

At the first stage of design, research and development, safety and reliability is the most important mission. Meet the requirements of the corresponding explosion-proof standards and internal products safety standards is the most basic principle, meanwhile the explosion-proof parts we selected must be certified with high quality standards.

At the manufacturing stage, AEGIS applies the Lean Production management to achieve the high-standard of non-standard customized production, applies whole-process quality control in production and conversion to achieve traceability. Each explosion-proof equipment converted by AEGIS must be certified by a third-party authoritative explosion-proof certification institution.

At the using stage, AEGIS provides explosion-proof products lifecycle safety management services to ensure the sustainable safety in the process of using.
Products lifecycle file management
According to each project, the explosion-proof schemes, mechanical and electrical drawings, records of the manufacturing and conversion process, test reports, inspection reports also the corresponding responsible persons who implement the manufacturing and conversion will be recorded, sorted out and filed.

From the delivery to customers, all training records, maintenance records and inspection records will be recorded and filed until the equipment is scrapped. AEGIS will provide professional maintenance plan based on the actual use of explosion-proof products and inspection records to ensure that customers can understand the safety of explosion-proof equipment in time.
Customer training
When the explosion-proof equipment is delivered, AEGIS engineers will provide professional training to users to ensure the safety in operation and maintenance. 

AEGIS will provide engineering qualification training to the partners, and only engineers authorized by AEGIS can carry out maintenance of explosion-proof equipment.
Annual Ex-inspection
AEGIS provides free annual safety inspection service and report for explosion-proof equipment manufactured and converted by AEGIS to ensure the continuous explosion-proof function in the process of using.
Product intrinsic safety
Safety parts. All the explosion-proof parts selected by AEGIS are safety and reliability, and will be certified by the third party. 

Safety overall machine. The explosion-proof equipment manufactured and converted by AEGIS will be certified by the third party, and one equipment one certification.
Intelligent explosion-proof safety management system
Main function
Online management 
Authorization management
Alarm and fault record
Crash record
Usage record
In order to protect customers benefit and avoid partners risks, AEGIS will purchase the third-party products liability insurance for all explosion-proof products delivered by us.
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